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Brand Babylonia Peppa
Peppa Bonding Dolls
Peppa Bonding Dolls
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PEPPA® dolls

is the perfect "first baby doll", are lightweight, have an imaginative shape and are made with only natural materials. They are great to cuddle with and their knotted hands are perfect for baby to hold on to.

PEPPA® dolls are made from soft 100% cotton stretch terry, which is colored with AZO-free fabric dye. Their heads are filled with pure sheep's wool, which is known to absorb scents easily the dolls will absorb comforting scents of home, of its parents, things that are familiar for baby. Wool is inherently anti-bacterial, so they are non-toxic and also safe to chew on with no fluff to inhale. They do not contain any parts or accents that may come loose; therefore they are entirely safe! Adorable European design, a PEPPA® doll is more than just a doll; it becomes a comforter, it becomes another character in baby's life and above all it becomes baby's best friend!

Simple toys made from natural materials are recognized as being of great importance for the wholesome development of young children.

Please note that this type of doll has been copied many times over. Be aware that the cheaper "copy cats" are stuffed with polyester fiber fill instead of pure sheep's wool. Polyester does not transfer scents, therefore the doll cannot be considered a natural "bonding" doll!

Tino Bunnies and Polly dolls both measure approximately 12" in length.

Hand-washable in cold water and dry on cool, gentle cycle.

Made in Fair Trade (India):
When you buy a PEPPA® doll, we of course hope that you do so because you like these pretty dolls. A lot of special attention has been paid to the design and to the choice of materials.

However, there is more: PEPPA® dolls are manufactured in Fair Trade, i.e. produced in a way where "honest" trading relations with the producers are the main issue. Fair Trade stretches far beyond excluding or avoiding child labor. After all, the mere fact that children have not manufactured certain products does not automatically imply that they have been produced in humane conditions (by adults) or at fair prices. For information on Fair Trade please visit

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Love it! Soft and cuddly and does not stink...

- 03/24/2015

I love that this bunny is made of natural fabric. It is also a plus that it is fair trade product. A lot of stuff toys that you we received as a gift has a factory or chemical smell. This stuff toy definitely smells better! The only con I can think of is a little pricey but this is really well made so I don't mind paying a little more.

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