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What is Ecoways Loyalty Program? How exactly does it works?

Ecoways Loyalty Program is our way of thanking all our customers for purchasing products at the store. Each qualifying purchase let you earn a number of Eco Points. For each dollar you spent excluding shipping and taxes, you will earn 10 Eco Points. It's like getting 2% back of your total purchase. You can also earn Eco Points for posting a product review!

Are all purchases qualified to earn points?

All purchases done from Jan 1, 2014 onwards are qualified to earn points unless otherwise noted. Clearance items may not qualify and gift certificate purchases do not qualify to earn Eco Points.

How do I use the points?

Simply create an account and login using the same email addresses for each purchase at Ecoways.

Will my points expire?

No, there is no expiration unless you notified us that you would like to be removed from our Loyalty Program.

What is the redemption value for 1 Eco Point?

Redemption value for 1 Eco Point is $ 0.002

How much Eco-Points do I earn if I review a product?

We will issue 200 Eco Points for each qualified product review. There is a limit of 1000 Eco Points for each month for the product review earnings. NOTE: Products being reviewed should be purchased from

What happens to the Eco Points if I returned an item?

We will deduct all applicable Eco Points when any of the items you ordered are returned to us. If you do not have sufficient points at that time, we will deduct the monetary equavalent of the Eco Points to your refund. Please read our store policy regarding returns.We reserve the right to change this policy at any time so please always refer to this page. We also have the right to deduct any Eco Points that were issued by mistake.