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About our store is a mommy owned and family operated small business based in Mississauga (Greater Toronto Area), Ontario CANADA. We carry unique eco friendly products like cloth diapers, organic baby/children clothing, eco/ green toys including sustainable wooden blocks, and more.

Ever since I had my first son, I started to read books discussing issues about our environment. I have learned a lot from it and had changed me as a consumer.

I know it can be confusing sometimes to select what's the best for your little one or family, with so many options and choices currently in the market. Believe me, this is how I felt when I first started using cloth diapers for my first son. If you haven't use cloth diaper before, you might think that cloth diapering is a lot of work. This is not true, modern cloth diapers are not the same cloth diapers that our parents used decades ago!

Being "green" should not be flagged as "inconvenient" and expensive. There are easy ways we can do to help our environment. One of the reasons, I created this site is to share my own experience* on green living; from using reusable baby cloth diapers to making your own eco-friendly cleaning materials, and choosing environmentally friendly products that are good for your family. You will be surprise how easy and affordable it is. (*Please read our Store and Site Policy.)

You are invited to browse our products. I hope that you will like them as much as our family does. Please email us at admin[at] if you wanted to see your own products listed in this site or if you wanted to see other quality eco products added to our online store. We are continuously looking to add unique and eco-friendly products tthat are carefully selected by myself based on other's feedback, quality, price and good reputation of the manufacturer.

Thanks again for taking the time to visit our online baby and eco-friendly store based in CANADA.

Owner, Ecoways.CA

Our Mission

  • To share "green living" tips and provide sustainable, reusable and quality products at affordable prices.
  • Be a part of a community that values the importance of our environment so our children can have a safe place to live.