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All in One and All in Twos Cloth Diapers
This cloth diaper is designed like disposable diaper. With waterproof fabric outside. Inner and absorbent layers are sewn in (AIO) or snap-in (AI2). It does not require folding and very convenient to use.

Bamboo Baby All-In-One (Snaps) by Dri-Line, Ecoways, Bumgenius Freetime
Diaper Cover
Flip diaper cover, Kawaii Diaper Cover
Fitted Diapers
This is 'formed' cloth diapers, does not need folding, trim and very absorbent. Waterproof cover is needed.

Bamboo Baby by DRI-LINE
Hook and Loop Diapers
Kawaii Diapers in Velcro, bumGenius Freetime in Velcro,
hybrid diapering system
Hybrid diapering system uses reusable waterproof cover and with options; to use reusable or disposable diaper inserts as absorbent layers inside.
Newborn Diapers and Inserts
Kawaii Little Green Bamboo, Kawaii Pure and Natural,Flip stay dry newborn pack, Flip disposable inserts
Pocket Diapers
These are two-part cloth diapering system, the waterproof diaper cover has an opening where you can put the absorbent soaker which can be prefold, flats or specially designed inserts (most convenient type of inserts as it requires no folding). It dries quickly and they are trim fitting.

Ecoways, Kawaii diapers, Bumgenius 4.0
Kawaii Cotton Prefolds